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Friday the 19th is the day

Ted Pappadopoulos

Looks like Friday the 19th is the day we mail out LPs to Kickstart supporters and for those who have ordered from the website.

All Kickstarters have been emailed a code to get the lossless WAV and MP3 versions for their enjoyment. Codes are available for everyone else in the WAV/MP3 download on the website.

If you just want the MP3, you can always take advantage of the iTunes downloads.


Ted Pappadopoulos

The test pressings are ready for review. The double lp is scheduled to be a 24pt gatefold, with liner notes and printed sleeves. The artwork is coming together and we should have the labels ready for the hand press at Burlington Record Plant for next week.

happy day!


Ted Pappadopoulos

This was my first live mastering session. Can't say as I learned a ton about the technical challenges and principles by attending. What I did come away with is a strong impression on how musical and dynamic it is and what a strong imprint a mastering technician can have on a project.

What I did not know is that you get to crank it up, and that was really the first time I heard this stuff at those levels, very interesting.

Can't wait to hear the proofs, but I am already certain this project is better for it, and very confident the lacquers will be optimal and ready for plating shortly in NJ, then back to VT for stamping. Looking forward to the acetate, my first.

Cheers to Mr Gold for his focus and attention and strong work ethic during the near 7 hour session. Salt Mastering

After much discussion

Ted Pappadopoulos

Final Track list in no particular order

Black 17
Bird on the Sea
And the Godz
All the Kids
The Sun Comes Up
So They Say
Pick Up Your Clothes
Notes to Future Self
Make It Work
Lead Me to Your Love
Julius Caesar
The Great Forgetter
Circle K
Breaking Camp
Black Blue and White
Done Waiting

Final mix is done

Ted Pappadopoulos

The final mixing is done and I couldn't be more pleased and happy to call all these musicians my friends and cohorts on this recording.

The New Siberians are

Brendan Devitt
Simon Plumpton
Ted Pappadopoulos
Bob Higgins
Ken Johnson
Doug McAllister
Timothy Lang
Jim Pitman
Ira Friedman
Brian Paulding
Christopher Horner
Paul Dwyer
Guinness Harley
Elizabeth Skinner-Sloan