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One Belgian seems to like us

Ted Pappadopoulos

One Belgian seems to like us - if i can follow the gist of this bad Google translation. Review of our debut cd - translated mediumly ;/

The first full CD of The New Siberians untitled has recently appeared on the market. This group is formed by three men from Burlington, Vermont, USA namely Brendan Devitt Simon Plumpton and Ted Pappadopoulos. They claim to be regular guys with regular habits who believe that music may help to confused minds and broken hearts to stabbing a heartened. Who are we to contradict them?

Life is now once out of sadness and joy, with some sense of reality and a refreshing pint already a lot to contribute to improvement. On this debut album they bring modern pop and rock songs in which I told the young Beatles occasional corpse back. In the 15 self-penned songs on this CD is mainly fresh production from Tom Dube on. The producer made is name and fame in such as Richard Thompson, Marc Cohn and Juliana Hatfield.

He makes this trio will enjoy the guitars in some Pixies-like rock songs such as "Hearts", "Happy Again", "In The Garden", "Vulture" and "Gasoline". But there is also some hit potential work can be found in eg "Seeds & Stems", "Speed ial", "Star" and "Really Does not Matter". In terms of off vocals lean The New Siberians and far closer to the songs of Crowded House and in the field of music by Dan Fogelberg, especially in "Color Blind", a song which I mostly try to remember the following: "Let me paint a portrait or living in my mind, you can choose the colors cause I am colorblind. "The mandolin is even brought up in the beautifully sung quieter song" Powder ". Rocksongs prevail on this debut album, but my preference clearly goes to the quieter songs where the vocal qualities of Brendan Devitt can best be expressed. (Valsam)